• Physiotherapy

  • Massage Therapies


What We Do…

Physio & Massage Therapies offers treatments for injury rehabilitation, prehabilitation –aiming to prevent injuries, occupational health, postural related complaints, post operative rehabilitation, lifestyle, fitness and health promotion and sports massage therapy for rehabilitation and aiding sports performance.  

Injury Rehabilitation

We aim to assist with bone, ligament, tendon, nerve, or muscular related injury as a result from sports, work related, or any general cause of injury.

Occupational Health

We treat work related conditions such as back pain, overuse injuries, and postural related complaints.

Post Op Rehabilitation

To aid your recovery after surgery we can offer advice and physiotherapy treatments.


With a combination of physiotherapy, sports massage, lifestyle and fitness advice our intention is to prevent injuries. This is applicable to anyone interested in promoting and preserving their health via sport and exercise.


Treatments We Use…

Manual therapy

Mobilisations • Manipulations • Trigger points • Myofascial release


Taping and strapping •Flexibility and strength training •Rehab exercise classes •One to one sessions at local swimming pool to rehab in water • Relaxation and stress relief techniques •Lifestyle choices •Health education •Treatment advice

Exercise Prescription

Home exercise prescription • Exercise demonstrations •Advice •Critique of techniques • Progressive programmes

Massage Therapies

Sports massage • Prehabilitation and injury rehab • Remedial deep tissue techniques • Soft tissue release • Therapeutic/ relaxation techniques.


What to Expect…

First Consultation

This session will entail collating details of your condition, medical history, how this affects you physically and emotionally followed by a physical examination assessment consisting of posture, range of movement, flexibility and strength amongst other aspects.

This assessment is tailored to your symptoms and allows the therapist to diagnose design the best course of treatment and set realistic goals with yourself.

Under 16s should be accompanied by parent or guardian

Follow Up Treatments

After your initial assessment follow up appointments will consist of either 45 or 30 minute sessions. We will re assess and review any changes and progress your treatment where applicable.

A final review will take place when you and your therapist are satisfied with your progression and achieved treatment goals.